Most of the people need their house to be decorated with best interior decor to make their home lively look and there are several interior decors which includes interior decorative materials, wall hanging, wall paintings, wall color palettes, rugs and trendy fashion furniture. Among all choosing perfect rugs for flooring is critical part in home decoration since the selected rug should be comfortable to use, should match the flooring and lighting effects and should fulfill the personal style. In order to satisfy all needs of customer there are several varieties of rugs available in the market with different style, different shapes and in various size. The most common rug shapes are square, round, rectangle, and ellipse all these rugs are available in different color combination. The rugs usage in home creates fantastic look but this would be happen only if you choose perfect rug to decorate room.

How to decorate room with rugs based on room size?

Since there are various types of rugs available for choice before purchasing you should check the factors and look of your house or room where you are going to place rug.

  • If your house is with small room and filled with more furniture then any type of small size rugs will be perfect suitable for flooring.
  • If your room is quiet big and filled with more furniture especially it may be living room or bed room it is better to choose big size round rug or rectangle rug placed in the center of room floor.
  • If your room is small without mush furniture it is better to use small round rugs which would be more suitable for antique look, especially if you floor the round rug before space of fire place this will make the room look better.
  • Most of the people tends to buy big designer round rug for small room this action would make the room even smaller so as a better option you can choose small rugs for small rooms and big rugs for big rooms.
  • While selecting the rugs you should check whether it would match with your wall theme painting which would helps you to better interior design inside room.

Apart from all above said points there several varieties of rugs which are capable to shine in better lighting, make the room warm and comfort and some rugs are made for kids care too. So it is purely based on customer decision to purchase rugs.