Woody Allen has often taken inspiration from the films of Ingmar Bergman, and on many occasions has repaid the debt by offering references and links to the Swedish director.

Allen Annie Hall

Woody Allen, besides being one of the most prolific directors (and actors) in the history of cinema, has also been one of the most “European” among American directors. In his decades-long career he managed to combine the Hollywood style with the European artistic currents that were in full swing in the middle of the last century. Now with the stream movies online you will be able to witness their works.

Accustomed to working with a medium-high budget (and receiving as many collections), Woody Allen has created his own personal style that combined with elements such as sets, soundtracks and screenplays make each of his films recognizable.

One of the European masters to whom Woody is most attached is certainly Ingmar Bergman. He, too, prolific as few has created timeless masterpieces thanks to continuous experimentation and highly introspective themes.

Allen has never failed, directly or indirectly, to pay homage to the Swedish colleague in suggestions, shots or episodes of met cinema. A single cultural thread united the two directors, so here are five tributes by Woody Allen to Ingmar Bergman.

Face to Face in Annie Hall

One of the most famous references is certainly in Annie Hall, the golden age of Woody’s ironic-sentimental comedies. Ally Singer waits for Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) at the cinema, there’s Face to Face (in Italian The image in the mirror) by Ingmar Bergman, released just a year before.

2. Faces in Person and Love and War

In Love and Death there are the usual Woody and Diane in the role of cousins ​​who in a nineteenth century Russia have fun with long philosophical and theological dissertations. The film is a semi-serious adaptation of War and Peace by Tolstoy, although there are other references to Russian literature.

In this film there is an explicit reference to one of the most emblematic films of the Swedish master, Persona. The film, released almost ten years earlier, was still at the height of popularity for its innovative film technique and its strong visual impact.

Bergman Persona

Diane Keaton and Jessica Harper resumed exactly like Bib Anderson and Live Ullman in Persona, which faces overlap, almost complete. The reference is clear and evident, and it cannot be excluded that the dark atmosphere of Love and War does not take the example of the Swedish landscapes so loved by Bergman. In 123Movies you will be able to witness all of them properly.